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Welcome to Cucina Italiana

Sydney Venice since 1998

Our school has moved to the North Shore.

16 Kokoda Ave Wahroonga, 2076

Live Italy in Sydney!!!

to Cucina Italiana Cooking School. Since 1998, we have been making pasta and
bread, gnocchi, to name a few of our regional Italian cooking courses we offer.

With the upmost respect to the Italian soul and heritage, our cooking
classes embrace history and culture, authenticity and love for good food and

Our cooking schools in Sydney and Venice have been giving the fragrance of
Italy, and teaching that as humans we need contact, we need to feel the flour
palping through our hands, hear the oil frying, the sugar melting, we need to
unbottle the baking smell from an oven which can take us back to the fondest
childhood memory. That is being in harmony with the earth, with food, with who
we are.

We dine and wine at a long table, we live life because there is no other
way to do it.

Then… just then…
You realise that you are in Italy without leaving our shores. Suddenly you
realise that you spent time with friends and family, meeting people who share
the same interest as you.

So grab your moment and experience the authentic Italian way!
Join us now to live Italy in Sydney, or just pop over to Venice to
discover the food, passion and love I share for my beloved Italy.

…. A little note from us, helping you rescheduling a class:

  1. All gift vouchers are
    automatically extended for another year, if the expiration happened during the
    lockdown.  Kindly contact us when you are
    ready to book your class.

2. No refunds apply. We can re-issue a gift voucher so you can give to a friend in case you are leaving the country.

3. When you are ready to book, kindly visit our website ( via your pc only) Select Book a class/Class by calendar date by following this link: https://cucinaitaliana.com.au/book-a-cooking-class/book-classes-by-calendar-date/

  • Select a class, making
    sure you keep an evening class or day class as per your booking.
  • Let us know the
    original booking date and future date you wish to attend.
  • This can only be done
    internally by us.

We thank all our customers, new and existing, for your patience, understanding, and flexibility during this period.

Wishing you love and strength, light and virtual cuddles during
this difficult time.

Email us: info@cucinaitaliana.com.a or Phone us: 0416268494

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