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Why choose Cucina Italiana Cooking Classes:

  • Luciana Sampogna opened the doors of Cucina Italiana in 1998. Experience makes the difference. It is our duty to teach passionately sharing the history of Italy which makes the school a unique journey to the heart of the country. We do not teach any other cuisine, we specialize and focus on Italian cuisine to deliver the best.
  • Italy is not a Florence-Venice-Rome based theme park where famous ingredients such as mozzarella, pizza, pasta, pesto, gelato, polenta and risotto to name a few come from one and only city, these ingredients are individually regionally based, we respectfully teach these geographically sourced ingredients and their nuances in our classes.
  • It is important that you leave our classes with the knowledge of the produce and the authentic way of preparing an Italian meal. It is imperative to acknowledge that the ingredients are in fact the hero in any cooking experience. It’s all about encompassing and acknowledging traditional Italian cooking.
  • We believe in the DNA of the country, the culture, and the mother earth, the land, the authenticity of each recipe.
  • It is there, in the simplicity of everyday life, just there, you will be able to find the real magic. This is what we deliver. One Italy.

What is included:

  • Classes are approximately 4 hours, include full tuition, hands-on plus theory and the history of the country.
  • Hands-on part is designated to the making of doughs, cutting into the various format of pasta shapes, pastry, gnocchi technique, bread or pizza, desserts are classical examples.
  • Where Cucina Italiana Team does not consider hands on is chopping parsley, onions or anything that does not require  expertise and knowledge.
  • A full meal.
  • A beautiful venue, where you will be transported to Italy.
  • Unfortunately we cannot accommodate dairy intolerance or vegan diets. Gluten free diet please select menu Classico.