Venice Cooking Classes Schedule

                                                                                The Venice Cooking School will take you to the heart of Venezia, giving you an authentic experience… Enjoy x

It will be taking you to the markets of Rialto and optional tours to Venice and Verona.
Depending on the season we will be enjoying a variety of Venetian dishes from Risotto, Bigoli (typical pasta from Venice), milky polenta, Zuppa di Pesce ( perfectly done as only the Venetians can do), fresh bread or fresh pasta…. or off course we can design a class to suit your needs. Plenty of fish and seafood straight from the markets, radicchio and a variety of spices taking you to the real Venezia. After all the Venetians were known since the ninth century as “spice dealers”, with access to the east markets. As spices became a commodity, so the flavours were introduced in our cooking. Spices like cloves, cinnamon, ginger, pepper, saffron, nutmeg became part of our lives.
Tempted to discover this hidden part of Venice ?

All you need to do is to call me on 0416 268 494  and I will guide you to the perfect class, tour making this an authentic experience.

My in house Venetian Chefs Vittorio and Emilio are waiting for you to take you into an unforgetable journey to 1000 Nights of Venice. Here you will be guided by locals, you will be feeling like you belong in this part of the world… you will be breathing Venice and its colours, its sea and canals….

So just take a day at a time by inhaling this beautiful experience slowly… Allowing yourself to be exactly who you are…

As Hugo Pratt says: Because the most truthful dream is the most distant from reality. It is the one who travels without any sail or wind.