Cooking Classes

A Day in Tuscany

Duration: 4 Hours (approx.)

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Tuscan food is famous for it is cucina povera or “poor cooking.” Due to the extensive poverty that this region experienced, meals were inexpensive, old bread was constantly used and dishes could easily be made in large amounts. Today it remains largely the same – but by choice instead of economy. Tuscan cooking is simple. Simplicity, I may say is a challenge! Here there is no elaborate creations because they’re not needed. Instead it’s making food using fresh, high-quality ingredients that bring out the natural flavours in each dish.

For this menu I will take you to the Tuscan Hills. So let’s get there and understand how perfect ingredients can deliver the real deal.

Making Panzanella which is one of the most famous Tuscan dishes and a must in our repertoire.
You will learn to make a beautiful fresh pasta tagliatelle with one of the most exquisite mushroom sauces which was covered by Vogue Magazine.
We will also prepare one of the finest chicken dishes cooked gently with fennel, sausages and rosemary.
To end the feast a classical Zuccotto, which have been inspired by it is resemblance to Firenze’s Duomo.