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Daisy Turnbull

For a unique and special occasion with your best friends before the day that will change your life forever, Luciana Sampogna will deliver a unique and magical experience.
Hens night can be a memorable day or evening and we will ensure that your privacy is all what matters to us.
We have a boutique school in Sydney, where the atmosphere is alluring and Luciana has all the necessary ingredients to transport you to Italy.
We have had many Hens Nights at Cucina Italiana, and experience is the key to success on such an important occasion.

We are pleased to have hosted Daisy Turnbull’s rehearsal wedding.
Here, the Prime Minister’s daughter and the family had a very intimate gathering, where the small eye to detail made the whole difference.

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Let us look after you, and make your last day with your friends one to remember.
Feel free to call me, to discuss the menu, your needs, your ideas, to make this day the best it can be.

Luciana x
0416 268 494