Cooking Classes

“La Vera Cucina Toscana”

Duration: 4 Hours (approx.)

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And so to The Tuscan Hills we will go…. where simplicity is the key ingredient. Where honest food defines the art of the Tuscan soul. It was here, in Tuscany, where la cucina povera was then understood by foreigners as the real integrity of a nation.
For this class you will be transported to the beautiful Tuscany and learn to make fresh gnocchi, affectionately called “topini” .
You will learn the flavours of humble dishes like the unique Pappa al Pomodoro.
Be inspired by a beautiful light sauce of leeks, chillies and walnuts to accompany your  perfect gnocchi.
Learn to make Peposo: the perfect cooked meat, breaking in your mouth.
Let me take you to my childhood, to my world,  and learn to make the real polenta, creamy and velvety.
We end the class with the one and only Torta della Nonna.

A classical and beautiful menu. Glorious Tuscan dishes which will stay with you forever.