Cooking Classes

Living Venice in Sydney

Duration: 4 Hours (approx.)

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For this class you will be taken to my home.

Beautiful gnocchi , light and delicate served with an exquisite Ragu Veneziano (fish sauce).

Seasonal Risotto is a must to all Venetians and here you will learn the right technique and understand why our risotto is so perfect and al dente, simply wet ( risotto should never be dry ) and unique.

A fish dish to follow which I normally decide on the day as I visit the fish markets. This is a unique menu, it is seasonal like life should be.
As to finalise the menu… my decadent Torta alla Gianduia ( I think this is really a cake that will blow you away….)

Live Venice without leaving your shores….

This class is simply memorable if you love fish and seafood like all Venetians do.