Cooking Classes

“Menu Siciliano”

Duration: 4 Hours (approx.)

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Sicilian dishes shows traces of all the cultures which established themselves on this beautiful island over the last two millennia. Although its cuisine has a lot in common with Italian food, Sicilian food also has Greek, Spanish, French and Arab influences.

Here we start with some of the classics. For this menu you will be making Pasta alla Norma, a classical by all means.

Learn to make fresh pasta wonderfully flavoured by mint and ricotta – the mint permeates the pasta sheets and tomato sauce gently cooked with cloves.

Beautiful cooked swordfish served with the unique Puttanesca sauce! To end the best Cannoli. 

I love this class and will be taught by a true Sicilian!!! Do not miss it!  So truly pure Sicilian food as it should be. Nothing else but honest and good flavours like it is people.