Cooking Classes

“The Splendour of Emilia Romagna”

Duration: 4 Hours (approx.)

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This region has been always famous for its traditional culinary gifts and delicacies! It is here, the land of parmesan and prosciutto, mortadella and balsamic… fresh pasta and Bolognese Sauce…

It is here… Always here… that Italy had the best chance to export excellence to the world. Here Italy made Italian food exist : what we all know and love.  It is here, in Emilia Romagna, that you will be enchanted of the abundance of flavours, it is here you will find robust, distinctive, and superior cuisine!  Many of the remarkable and unique dishes that have originated and have been mastered here are now served throughout Italy and for that matter!

Learn to make five wonderful dishes!
Starting by making fresh pasta and with your fingers turn the dough into the unique Tortellini… And to make this lesson more interesting, out of the same dough, we will have the one and only artichoke tortelli. Learn to make a delicious beef fillet cooked in balsamic which you will make for every single dinner party!…( I promise). Finish the class with Panna Cotta, a fantastic and easy recipe (but this is the real one ).

This class is one of the best!!!!