light of lucia… the light inside of our hearts…LOL_CVR_2017 (1)the Italian food and culture screaming for survival…

“Light of Lucia” is the story of a little girl who grows up with the love of her Italian family. It is the story of living with traditions, food, superstitions, saints and tales. It is about growing up and listening to the words of wisdom from your nonna or twisting your finger to turn a little square into a tortellino. It is the story of many Italians immigrants who are far away from home. And missing home can make you do so many things to feel closer to it.

I hope that the readers look into Italian food differently – not by feeling that they need to keep adding more and more of one ingredient because they like the taste of it. It is the understanding that the challenge is to find the balance – like it is in real life! – Luciana Sampogna

The cookbook follows the story of a little girl as she grows up and strives to find this elusive balance! We meet her at birth, during the celebration of her baptism and her initiation into Italian culture and Catholicism. The little girl learns to crawl and then walk, and it is now the perfect time for her nonna to start teaching her the age old basics of Italian cooking. We are privy to the little girl’s curiosities as she asks her nonna with the impatience of youth, how to find the perfect balance when making pasta. The little girl grows up with tales of superstition, memories and celebrations. She matures into a beautiful young lady and eventually has a mother-in-law to impress! Secrets and traditions of family cooking are shared over Sunday lunch, as recipes and patience are tested!

As the cookbook is divided into these important stages of life, so too are her authentic recipes. They are interspersed with touching vignettes from her life. The book stands out from the pack in providing a truly unique and insightful look at Italian culture and Luciana’s passion for life and food.

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