Controlling your WoodFire Oven




As I travelled through Italy and discovered so many wonderful ways of cooking with this ancestral method, I thought it would be great to share the magic and enchantment.

And as expected, many questions were raised as I was designing this program.

The most common problem I expect to face is that many people do not own a wood fire oven. Well, the answer to this is simple. If you love cooking like I do, you will fall in love with these ovens and certainly end up owning one very soon. So why not experience mine first? Test-drive my oven and truly understand what you are really getting?

Another peace of mind: All of this can be replicated with your conventional oven until you are ready to play with fire and make the big move!

So why working with a wood fire oven, you may ask.

Because it is important for me to make my classes feel real.

To deliver you my passion, my love for my country.

It is how I believe life should be. Giving your best. All you have.

It is all about understanding that fire was the first and most authentic method of cooking. Learning to balance food with simple flavours is so important, and when you achieve this, you will trust that fire will take care of the rest. After all, there is nowhere to hide with this type of cooking.

So book now for a memorable class by checking our website for one of our scheduled classes.

Or call us on 02 80212699.