From Sydney to Venice…

Venezia as a local!

Venezia and its picture-perfect canals…. You may get lost while admiring the many watersides palazzi! Venice is a romantic idyll. Approximately 18 million tourists pile onto the floating city each year.

However, this is not the Venezia I have in mind.
There is another one…. One that only the locals know…
A better way to keep our sanity intact if we have any!
A hometown for ourselves….a pastiche of in-the-know restaurants, underground bars, quiet piazzas and calmer, outlying islands.

Here is what I have to offer you.
My Venezia:

Arrival in Venice: Tuesday 8th October
Departure: Monday 14th October

• English speaking tour escort
• 7 nights accommodation.
• Minimum of a 4-star hotel.
• 7 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 6 dinners.
• Opera and everything else mentioned in the itinerary.
• Airport to hotel transfers.
• Water taxi, bikes
• $4899 per person


Day 1:
Arrival at Venice airport.

Private water taxi to Lido di Venezia which will transfer/transport you to your hotel. Once settled, you will meet me at a typical restaurant in Lido for your welcome dinner. This is the perfect opportunity to discuss the style of food and both menus you will be cooking in the next few days.

Day 2:
Aprons on…. Let’s cook how the Venetians do!

At your morning leisure, you will get to know your way around this magical island. You will collect your bike and cycle around, feeling just like a local.

You will then meet me at 2.00pm at one of her local greengrocers to purchase the final ingredients for the beautiful meals you will be cooking.

Aprons on and let me take you to the real Italian flavours, the flavours of Venice. Dinner will be served at my balcony. Good food, wine, candle lights and the spectacular view of Venice from the roof top!

Day 3:
This will be a very interesting day to enjoy and visit the glass factory in Murano and see the art of blowing glasses at work!

We will have lunch at Murano, where I will take you to one of my favourite spots. Here guests will be able to relax, enjoy and appreciate good food in a warm, quiet atmosphere with locals.

In the afternoon we will be visiting Burano. A place that specializes in lace wares and finally Tocelli. We will then return to Lido, freshen up and meet for dinner at a local restaurant

Day 4:
LAGOON TO TABLE… fresh from the fish markets straight to the table.

Today we will take a trip to Chioggia to visit one of the best markets in the Venetian area. I have chosen this market for its authenticity and excellence in products choice.

We will then return to my place and prepare a late lunch. This will be a full on day. Plenty of relaxation having a good aperitivo and if you are still hungry I can certainly make you a good risotto served with a nice prosecco….

Visiting Malamocco, a beautiful fishing village. We will have lunch at a typical place and then head to Hotel Excelsior for an ombra( a glass of wine).

Freshen up and get ready to meet at the Santa Maria Elisabetta, vaporetto station. We will be going to the Fenicia, The Venetian Opera House, and enjoy a night at the Opera.

We will then have dinner at one of the best restaurants in Venice. (This might be around 10pm)

This morning you will be visiting Venice and have a proper tour with one of the locals.

You will then have lunch at a local place next to the Rialto Market. On return to Lido, you will have dinner at one of our local restaurants.

Day 7:
Making desserts…. And at night, the fantastic cicchetti tour!!!

Today is our final day together. We will be spending the morning making desserts, admiring La Dolce Vita, having lunch and appreciating good wine.
A little siesta for some may be needed in the afternoon and later on we will be heading to the best of Venice- the Cicchetti bars. Cicchetti are old-style tapas bars where we will have little nibbles and a Venetian spritz — prosecco, Aperol or Campari, sparkling water and a slice of lemon or orange.

Time to say our good byes and good night.
And until next year!!!!