Peach infused in Mint and Vermouth

Peach infused in mint and vermouth


The memories of summer, the fragrance of peaches and mint are unforgettable. This is magic in the heat of a lovely summer night.

I have also included below a very similar recipe, but instead of peaches I sometimes use strawberries.

And when I want to give an extra lucky charm to one of my cakes the strawberry and martini will go on the side bringing colour and the ideal quick that only a vermouth flavour can do!



8 yellow peaches – cut them into 4 pieces and remove the stones.

2 cups of sugar –

1 litre of  orange juice

2 tbsp of lemon juice

Handful of mint leaves, cut it with a scissor

250ml of martini bianco, cinzano or vermouth of your choice


Cut the peaches into 4 pieces and remove the stones.

Bring the sugar, the orange juice and lemon juice to the boil. Add now the martini.

Place the peaches into a bowl, pour the liquid over the peaches and mix it gently adding the mint leaves that you have cut with a scissor.

Place in the fridge so it will be nicely infused to serve later.