Raspberry Semifreddo

Semifreddo al Lampone

Raspberry Semifreddo

This is a classic base for semifreddo. You can add any flavour you like; try strawberries or blackberries. This recipe makes enough for six, so if you’re having a cosy dinner for two, you can always indulge in seconds or even thirds.

Canola oil, for brushing

300 g (10 1/2 oz /2 punnets) raspberries, plus extra to serve

240 g (81/2 oz) caster (superfine) sugar

50 ml (13/4 fl oz) milk

4 eggs, separated

500 ml (17 fl oz /2 cups) thickened (whipping) cream

Brush a 35 cm (14 in) terrine with oil, then line with plastic wrap.

Place 225 g (8 oz) of the raspberries in a saucepan with 2 tablespoons sugar and 80 ml (21/2  fl oz /1/3 cup) of water and stir gently over medium heat for 2–3 minutes or until sugar dissolves. Remove from heat and cool.

Blend remaining raspberries with milk until smooth and set aside.

Place egg yolks and remaining sugar in a bowl and beat with an electric beater for 5–6 minutes, or until pale and creamy. Stir in raspberry milk and half of the cooked raspberries. Beat the egg whites and the cream in separate bowls until medium peaks form. Add the cream to the raspberry mixture, then fold in egg whites. Once well combined, pour into prepared mould and freeze overnight.

When you are ready to serve, remove the semifreddo from the freezer and leave for about 15 minutes in the fridge to soften. Top with remaining cooked raspberries and extra fresh raspberries and serve immediately.

Serves 6