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    Since 1998, we have been consistent in our delivery.

    As a good wine needs time to mature, we grew learning that to be the best, requires patience and experience.

    Whether to learn pasta or bread, gnocchi or any wonderful regional Italian cooking courses you may choose, our cooking schools in Sydney and Venice will give you the experience that is Italy.

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Welcome to Cucina Italiana


24 Years delivering passion - meet our Team

Our Famous Lunches


Sydney, Colline del Prosecco & Venice since 1998

Our school has moved to A NEW HOME in Sydney – We are now in the innerwest..

Welcome to our new school in the Prosecco Region! Come along and JOIN US!

Live Italy in Sydney!!!

Welcome to Cucina Italiana Cooking School. Since 1998, we have been making pasta and bread, gnocchi, to name a few of our regional Italian cooking courses we offer.With the upmost respect to the Italian soul and heritage, our cooking classes embrace history and culture, authenticity and love for good food and wine.
Our cooking schools in Sydney, Colline del Prosecco and Venice have been giving the fragrance of Italy, and teaching that as humans we need contact, we need to feel the flour palping through our hands, hear the oil frying, the sugar melting, we need to unbottle the baking smell from an oven which can take us back to the fondest childhood memory. That is being in harmony with the earth, with food, with who we are.
We live life because there is no other way! Live NOW!


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“We believe in the 5 senses that give us the power of learning”. This is how our classes are fundamentally taught. Touching, feeling, seeing the change of colours,, inhaling the memories and fragances of our childhood, dancing as you knead…

Our cooking classes deliver magic, a sense of belonging!

Learn about our various cooking classes which we offer here in Sydney with our great team, or in Italy, either in the Colline del Prosecco or in Venice. 

What to expect, you may ask?

Our cookery courses are hands-on cooking classes, where we focus on mastering the inside out of kneading, of cutting a pasta, of shaping a bread, gnocchi, pizza to name a few.

It has been designed to improve your cooking, to take you to the core of Italian life.

…We are just a call away 0416 268 494 or email us: teamcucinaitaliana@gmail.com

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