Lido di Venezia

Discover Lido di Venezia… its charms… its glory…

Lido is a quick vaporetto ride from Venice – one of the most beautiful cities on earth – but a world away from the hoards of tourists and street vendors who take it over each year. The residential island becomes a refuge for visitors, offering them a chance to relax by the Adriatic and mingle with the locals.

The gentle hub-bub of Lido ramps up during aperitivo hour, when Venetians flock to the bars for a glass of prosecco or a classic spritz and some cicchetti. You may hear them saying let’s have an “ombra” – a traditional Venetian word for a glass of wine.

The name harks back to the days when Venetians would have their wine huddling in the shade cast by the Campanile di San Marco. In Venice you will certainly hear this word coupled with rosso or bianco, indicating which wine they wish to drink – red or white.

At the beginning of September each year, the island hits fever pitch as international stars and journalists roll in for the Venice Film Festival.

Lido is best explored by bike, with a hire scheme dotted around the island and plenty of rental shops. The cooking school is a stone’s throw from Lido’s expansive stretch of beach, as well as spectacular art-nouveau hotels, including Hotel Excelsior and Hotel Hungaria. Areas such as Chioggia, known as “mini Venice”, and Pellestrina, are well serviced by bus.

Here you can be introduced to another world, one that is far from anything you experience in Italy. Venice is a full trip to the exquisite world of spices, lights and romance. Here, simplicity speaks for itself. The food is honest and true. Not too much or too little of anything – just right. And to lift all flavours a pinch of cinnamon, or nutmeg, ginger and pepper! The perfect pastasciutta gently tossed with scampi can be simply outstanding. The seppie in umido served with polenta is a dish that needs to be tried as there is no additions to it.

Just like life here you will find yourself in a calle or viale… probably lost… and soon, very soon you will find the balance of life.

As for la Dolce Vita, it should be croccante, just as a good friend once explained.
Where life is crunchy, where there is a bite for everything.
Where there is no fear and the desire to live.
Where we taste freshness at its best. The secret of life?
A good bite.
Just a simple, good bite.

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