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We truly believe that through cooking we can bring people together, we can share amazing new experiences and unfold the real you as we try to balance the flavours of each ingredient, the flavours of life.

Our cooking classes are an innovative way to reward your team and are a great alternative to other team based activities.

As you arrive you will be introduced to the world of wonderful Italian food. We will show you how to make fresh pasta from scratch. Or you may choose gnocchi, bread… the options are unlimited…

Through our classes you will feel with your hands what the dough is trying to tell you! Learn to control the weather…how a little bit too much or too little of flour can cause you so much trouble!

Let yourself go and discover more about the person next to you. He might be a colleague working with you for years or he might be your future boss, a company client.

Let food challenge you and improve your decision-making.

We want to make sure this is not only a day out from the office but an opportunity to be experiencing Italy without leaving our shores. To have a real authentic experience not only through work but giving you a new outlook in life.

Call us and let us guide you to the best menu for your team and the right class to meet your requirements.

With over 23 years of experience, we can cater for all the small hiccups in life such as gluten or lactose intolerance or anything that might have stopped you enjoying a fantastic day in the kitchen.

That memorable time you may offer your employees, clients and friends are available now for booking. It’s rewarding and at the same time an excellent way to thank or motivate people you deal with every day.

Book a corporate class now to exercise team building and practice the art of Italian cuisine.

Find out more by calling 0416 268 494 or email us:

See you soon

Cucina Italiana Team x
Give A Business Gift

Whether it is a simple thank you for outstanding work, encouragement, a gesture of appreciation or simply to win over a potential client, we can provide you with a unique gift to give and recognise that moment in time. From a cookbook containing the most divine and remarkable Italian recipes, Italian cooking kitchenware or Cooking class gift vouchers, please contact us so we are able to provide you with unique, entertaining and inspiring gifts and experiences.