Dinner Parties

Break away from the traditional dinner parties…
Create your own cooking class here at the Sydney school or be flamboyant and choose Venice….

Get your guests to our elegant home and let me guide you through the flavours of Italian life.
Menus are carefully designed taking care of all your requirements and catering for any small hiccups such as allergies to gluten or other ingredients.

Choosing from making fresh gnocchi or pasta, bread or pizza from our wood fire oven…
Menus can be selected from any corner of Italy….
The choice is yours and the dishes will simply come together like a long dance.
All you have to do is entertain your friends and relax!

Let your imagination fly….

Special moments are here to stay.
Make it last.

Organise your dinner parties with us!

Call us on 0416268494 or email me: info@cucinaitaliana.com.au

Cucina Italiana Team x
Give A Business Gift

Whether it is a simple thank you for outstanding work, encouragement, a gesture of appreciation or simply to win over a potential client, we can provide you with a unique gift to give and recognise that moment in time. From a cookbook containing the most divine and remarkable Italian recipes, Italian cooking kitchenware or Cooking class gift vouchers, please contact us so we are able to provide you with unique, entertaining and inspiring gifts and experiences.