Meeting Facilities

If you’re planning a team building event with a difference and want to start with a meeting, getting some business done before the fun starts… why not use our fully equipped facilities.

The team building session can start with a continental breakfast of fresh croissants and coffee, and then you can take advantage of our flat screen TV’s, full AV facilities, wifi, and air conditioning. If you don’t fell like cooking, and it is really only a meeting, lunch can be cooked by Luciana Sampogna and you will still enjoy a wonderful experience.

Or, if you like, at the end of the meeting, we can start to serve you some wine, antipasti and you can get cooking yourselves. The atmosphere is very relaxed and the emphasis is on having fun. We can also divide the party into teams, making things competitive, giving wooden spoons to losers and mandolinos (traditional scoop to collect pasta) to winners. Everything is about having an awesome experience and getting to know that person you’ve worked with for so many years or even just a couple of months!

The party prepares their entire meal under the supervision of the watchful eye of Luciana, having a good drink in the process, and then a sit down to enjoy the meal that has been created.

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Give A Business Gift

Whether it is a simple thank you for outstanding work, encouragement, a gesture of appreciation or simply to win over a potential client, we can provide you with a unique gift to give and recognise that moment in time. From a cookbook containing the most divine and remarkable Italian recipes, Italian cooking kitchenware or Cooking class gift vouchers, please contact us so we are able to provide you with unique, entertaining and inspiring gifts and experiences.

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